How To Get Hired

Focus on one company… Tell them how much you want to work for them… Be persistent (but succinct)… Do this until hired.

8 Steps to Getting What you Want… Without Formal Credentials

“Read one professional, business, or how-to book related to your chosen field per week. Choose a mix of classics in the field, along with some off-the-beaten-path books you discover… These books are typically written by active practitioners in your field, and not theorists… Thus, these books… will be infinitely more valuable… Then write one blog post each week detailing exactly what you learned from that week’s book.”

What I Did When I Couldn’t Find a Job

I’m learning a lot about reporting, writing, and running a small newspaper, not to mention life and politics in northeast India and Asia in general. I suspect I am getting more intimate and comprehensive journalism experience here than I would in almost any internship, temp position, or entry-level job that I could have found back in the States. In exchange for my work, Pema found me a flat to stay in and arranged for my meals. The cost of living here is so cheap that, with my room and board taken care of, I can live comfortably on around $10 a week.


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