Career Counseling

I add this section for a number of reasons.  First, to put my own thoughts down, secondly to inform people of what is possible through career counseling, what to expect and how to recognize a competent career counselor, and thirdly to help aspiring career counselors with developing their practice.

Career counseling is burdened in particular with client, and many times with counselor expectations and beliefs about what career is and what the process of “finding” a career looks like.  The very vocabulary we use to talk about careers is deceptive – we do not have a career, we have careers, with multiple strands of knowledge and skill development which may or may not converge in the future into a single job, which at that point may or may not veer into something else entirely.  We are mistaken and fall into danger when we expect this process to be neat and clear and not filled with detours and wrong turnings and sweat and tears.  To the very few does this choice come easy, and even when the choice is easy, the path never is.  Every path has compromises, pains, and involves sacrifices.  To do one thing is not to do another.  To confront this is to confront our mortality.  Career is not light-hearted stuff for the faint of spirit.




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