Is Passion Bullshit?

Passion as a means to make decisions about what career to pursue is clearly not bullshit. However, passion is evoked through movement. So sitting at your computer or lying in bed thinking about what you want to do will lead to the very opposite of passion. Worrying all day about what you are going to do, and about the future will not help you find your passion because stress and worry inhibit excitement and the loss of the self that accompanies work you’re passionate about (the “flow”).

So go do whatever it is that looks somewhat interesting to you (without consideration for its usefulness) and then, when you are at or near it, passion will show you the way.

But it all starts with movement.



Fuchs, T., & Koch, S. C. (2014). Embodied affectivity: on moving and being moved. Frontiers in psychology, 5.


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